This is our complete collection of smart cubes. These high-tech puzzles are equipped with a variety of cool features. If you’re looking to race and practice, check out the Rubik’s Connected 3x3 and the GAN 356 i2! If you want a unique, out-of-this-world robotic cube, go for the eX-Mars

From November 3 to November 10, each order containing a smart cube will be sent a 3cc Cubicle Labs Silk premium puzzle lubricant as a free gift! No actions are necessary to claim this gift. 

Smart Cubes

Rubik's Connected 3x3 - Black

Rubik's Connected 3x3

$5999 $5999

Giiker Super Cube i3S

Giiker Super Cube i3S 3x3

$4999 $4999

GAN356 i2 3x3

GAN356 i2 3x3

$5799 $5799

GAN356 i Play

GAN 356 i Play 3x3

$3999 $5499 SAVE 27%

Ex-Mars Cube 3x3 (3rd Edition)

Ex-Mars Cube 3x3 (3rd Edition)

$9999 $9999

Giiker Super Cube i2 2x2 (Tiled)

Giiker Super Cube i2 2x2 (Tiled)

$3599 $3599

GoCube Edge 3x3 - Stickerless (Bright)

GoCube Edge 3x3

$7999 $7999