3x3 Calendar Cube Stickers


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Product Description

The 3x3 Calendar Cube Stickers can turn your puzzle into a fully functional display calendar. This makes a great conversation starter and displays your cubing skill!

The color of the stickers is denoted by the shade the letters are on. Both variants contain black and white stickers. All stickers are opaque.

Designed for 56mm 3x3s.


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Product Specifications
Manufacturer Other
Type Special Sticker Sets
Added 2020-11-05
Gross Weight 5g

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
BinaryDragon (United States)
Oddly colored sticker and incomplete design.

First, I want to preface this by saying that this review's 2 star rating does not reflect the physical quality of the stickers themselves. They seem to be of good quality and I don't expect to run into any problems with them over time. Where the two star rating comes from is instead in regards to what is printed on the stickers themselves.

I ended up getting two sets of these stickers, as the first set had a manufacturing flaw. These things happen, and I don't hold that against this product, and The Cubicle was great at correcting the error. However, once I finally got to applying the stickers, I noticed that the G was the only letter that was white text on a black background, while all the others are black text on a white background (as you can see in the photos included in this review). This is something that is only going to be an issue when August comes around, but it's still rather disappointing to see. This was the only sticker that was colored in a way that didn't match the others, and it happened to be the case on both sets I received, so it can't have been just a singular error. This coloring isn't what the images on the site show, and other reviews don't seem to have noted it, so I suspect at some point a reprinting was made with this error present for all of the sets created.

I was met with a further disappointment with the start of a new month, as I saw that there was no edge piece with a 0 on it, meaning I couldn't set the date as "01." The sticker layout is such that there is an edge piece with a 2 and a blank sticker on it, and it would have been very easy to replace the blank sticker with a 0 to allow for a leading 0 on the dates. Ultimately, this is what I'll be doing myself, using the 0 sticker I have an extra copy of due to the defective first set (so in a way that was actually fortunate) to replace that blank sticker, but I strongly feel that this sticker should have been a 0 from the start.

Finally, a note about the sticker sizes. I have the stickers applied to a MoYu RS3 M 2020 cube. While they are generally fine, the center piece stickers BARELY fit, and if the center caps were any more rounded (like what you'd see on Gan cube or the MoYu Super RS3 M 2022, you'd have to cut the center stickers to make them work. While the stickers have rounded corners, I feel like they would have been much better if produced with a larger radius of curvature so they could fit a wider range of cubes. Further, while the item description states that they are designed for 56mm 3x3s (which the MoYu RS3 M 2020 is), I found that their sizing wasn't exact enough to allow me to place them on the cube with transfer tape a sheet at a time, and instead had to apply them manually one sticker at a time. Primarily this was due to the fact that the edges of a cube are rounded, and so to center the stickers on the faces of each cubie, I needed there to be slightly less space between them. With so much variation in cube sizes and piece design, I know a sticker set can't be perfect on every cube, but I was hoping that I would have had more tolerance available (such as with slightly smaller stickers) or for them to otherwise have been designed with a singular specific cube in mind and sized perfectly for that cube.

Some measurements In case it helps anyone. The stickers measure a bit under 15mm wide, and are placed on the sheet with 4mm of space between them. If you were to take three a row of three stickers on the sheet, they would total just a hair over 52mm across. Allowing an additional 2mm of space on each side does get you to the 56mm total width of the cubes they are sized for. Accounting for the rounded corners, the corner to corner diagonal width of the stickers are 19.3mm. The center caps of the MoYu RS3 M 2020 measure 21.3mm diagonally, but the flat part is only 19.7mm diagonally, which shows just how much they barely fit on the center caps.

Brent H. (United States)
all's well that ends well

Received the wrong sticker set three times, the fourth mailing finally contained the right ones. But Cubicle kept at it and I appreciate that. Got 'em now, all is forgiven.

Alex M. (United States)
Very cool stickers

They are very neat and awesome. I put them on a de-stickered RS3M 2020

Brady H. (United States)

Nice quality sticker set, works great!

Will J.
really nice, sticker sheet is right

really nice, sticker sheet is right

Le, D. (United States)

3x3 Calendar Cube Stickers

Jeffrey D. (United States)
Proper orientation

You're instincts are probably correct. The 2 that has a discrepancy, the sticker sheet you are holding is correct, the image on the website is wrongly oriented on that individual sticker.

Other than that it works. Pretty neat concept. Stickers are pretty much one use, you might be pretty careful if you want to adjust one that's already settled.

Mark B. (United States)
3x3 Calendar Cube Stickers

I love the 3x3 Calendar Cube stickers. I buy blank cubes, add the stickers, and give them as gifts.

Kerry S. (United States)
Fun sticker set!

I purchased two sets, one black & one white.

As is reflected in other reviews, the guide works with one set but the corner 2 is rotated in the other set, (so the guide works with one, but not the other.). If you’ve waited to apply and aren’t sure, just leave the corner “2” sticker off - all the other stickers (on both sets) are correct - until you’ve solved a weekday that corresponds to a correct something “_2” date. (I did a “Monday, Feb 22”) ... be sure that the blank space holding that “2” corner shares edges with “8” & “4” ... then apply the “2” sticker so that it is correctly aligned..

A flat razor edge, (from a scraper tool), works well to remove a sticker that has been applied for a couple of months ... (my first try was incorrect so I didn’t know to fix it until I applied the second set & noticed it didn’t match the schematic.) ... the first one repositioned nicely without creasing after being solved nearly daily for a couple of months.

Also, since this is a quick fun daily solve, it’s worth it to apply to a smooth-turning cube. My first set was applied to an old cube that’s torture to turn. It’s no fun struggling with a cube from the 1980’s that doesn’t turn smoothly. I would have purchased a new cube if I didn’t already have a smooth back-up.

This is an awesome & nice looking set - totally worth the sticker price!

Dana (United States)

I just wanted to mention the fact that i found these on ebay for $40. it should come with instructions though.