3x3 Calendar Cube Stickers - Black
3x3 Calendar Cube Stickers

3x3 Calendar Cube Stickers


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Product Description

The 3x3 Calendar Cube Stickers can turn your puzzle into a fully functional display calendar. This makes a great conversation starter and displays your cubing skill!

The color of the stickers is denoted by the shade the letters are on. Both variants contain black and white stickers. All stickers are opaque.


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Product Specifications
Manufacturer Other
Type Sticker Sets
Added 2020-11-05
Gross Weight 5g

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jeffrey D. (United States)
Proper orientation

You're instincts are probably correct. The 2 that has a discrepancy, the sticker sheet you are holding is correct, the image on the website is wrongly oriented on that individual sticker.

Other than that it works. Pretty neat concept. Stickers are pretty much one use, you might be pretty careful if you want to adjust one that's already settled.

Mark B. (United States)
3x3 Calendar Cube Stickers

I love the 3x3 Calendar Cube stickers. I buy blank cubes, add the stickers, and give them as gifts.

Kerry S. (United States)
Fun sticker set!

I purchased two sets, one black & one white.

As is reflected in other reviews, the guide works with one set but the corner 2 is rotated in the other set, (so the guide works with one, but not the other.). If you’ve waited to apply and aren’t sure, just leave the corner “2” sticker off - all the other stickers (on both sets) are correct - until you’ve solved a weekday that corresponds to a correct something “_2” date. (I did a “Monday, Feb 22”) ... be sure that the blank space holding that “2” corner shares edges with “8” & “4” ... then apply the “2” sticker so that it is correctly aligned..

A flat razor edge, (from a scraper tool), works well to remove a sticker that has been applied for a couple of months ... (my first try was incorrect so I didn’t know to fix it until I applied the second set & noticed it didn’t match the schematic.) ... the first one repositioned nicely without creasing after being solved nearly daily for a couple of months.

Also, since this is a quick fun daily solve, it’s worth it to apply to a smooth-turning cube. My first set was applied to an old cube that’s torture to turn. It’s no fun struggling with a cube from the 1980’s that doesn’t turn smoothly. I would have purchased a new cube if I didn’t already have a smooth back-up.

This is an awesome & nice looking set - totally worth the sticker price!

Dana (United States)

I just wanted to mention the fact that i found these on ebay for $40. it should come with instructions though.

Aaron R.H. (United States)
Solid stickers

I looks like a hot mess scrambled until you start set the date.

Puzzles (United States)
3x3x3 Calendar cube stickers

In my opinion, great square vinyl stickers with rounded corners, item easy to stick and re-stick for centering. Read "Product Description" the color of the stickers is denoted by the background color of the lettered stickers not the words, numbers or blank stickers. So, the white letters with a black background would be the black stickers and the black letters with a white background would be the white stickers. As previously mentioned in another post and as of this post the current guide to sticker a cube is of the white stickers and the "2" for the "L" side (2,4,8 corner) isn't positioned correctly. The "2" for the "L" side (2,4,8 corner) of the black stickers is positioned correctly. Advice, print the guides and assemble the letter, number, word and blank space guide into a cube as a reference while stickering a cube, adjust the backside of the "2" to face the bottom-side of the "4" and the backside of the "4" to face the large bottom-side of the "8" for a solvable corner. *Note, picture is of the black stickers applied to the "L" side (2,4,8 corner) with adjusted “2” sticker.

Joyce (United States)

Thrilled to refresh my decades-old Rubin’s Cube Calendar’s worn-off numbers and letters. It’s now like new!

Marty (United States)
Incorrect application guide

Maybe I am not as good at this as I thought but I believe the corner 2 needs to be rotated 90 degrees clockwise from what the application guide has. I had to peel my sticker like a chump to solve it. Lol. The preview of black layout is correct while the preview of white is not.

David J. (United States)

I think it should come with instructions on how to put the stickers on so that it is solvable otherwise they are great.

Andrew (United States)
Very cool! Make a perpetual calendar with an old Rubik's cube

Eons ago Ideal Toy Co made an official Rubik's Calendar cube. Long out of production. These stickers will get you there on one of your older cubes after you remove the stickers and adhesive (this might take longer than you think, and your finger tips might get tender due to the pressure required). Every day you'll have a small challenge to arrange the face to represent today's date.

I'd recommend getting a tweezers to hold the sticker once it's removed off the sheet so you can center it on each cube piece.

The guide (as pictured as I write this) is white, and I got a black set. The "2" in the 1PTVJ sheet is rotated 90 degrees clockwise on my sheet as compared to the guide. As if the 2 is laying on it's back. This rotation might not make a difference, I'll have to think and try some rotations.

Every day you'll have to change the first part of the day of the week, minus "day", and move digits to represent the date. Once a month you'll have to change the middle row and redo the main face. Every day is a small challenge to arrange the front face. Fun!