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Build your own personal bundle

We are excited to announce our new Bundle Maker feature! This new area of our website lets you create your own custom bundle with a 10% off bundle discount. Try out our new Bundle Maker here!

The last day for these cool free gifts

 We have a great collection of freebies that will be given out as order addons. These items become accessible on your cart page if your cart subtotal is high enough.

For orders over $20: Free Team Cubicle Holiday Card. Cards feature Max Park, Leo Borromeo, CubeHead, Lights Camera Cubing, Sebastian Weyer, Philipp Weyer, Z3Cubing, Lucas Etter, and Tymon Kolasiński. 

For orders over $60: Free Cubicle Embroidered Cube Bag or Limited Edition Blue Cubicle Cube Box. Cubicle Embroidered Bag for protecting your puzzles and holds every puzzle up to 7x7. Limited Edition Blue Cubicle Cube Box holds most conventional size 3x3 speedcubes. 

For orders over $125: Free GAN 330 Keychain Cube. Built like a speedcube AND a keychain! This cute little puzzle is perfect for taking around on the go. 

For orders over $200: Complimentary Holiday Pass Discount Coupon. Unlimited use! Discounts all orders by 15% off until January 31, 2021. Coupons will be distributed on or about December 4, 2020.

**Please note: All addons are available while supplies last (we will substitute other free gifts if we exhaust supply). Order totals are calculated after discounts and before shipping and taxes. Gifts are inclusive upwards, so if you place a $200+ order, you will receive the Holiday Pass Coupon along with the GAN 330 Keychain Cube, Cubicle Embroidered Cube Bag / Cubicle Cube Box, and Team Cubicle Holiday Card.


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