Angstrom HuangLong M

YuXin , serviced by Angstrom Research

  • $31.99

Stickerless (Bright)

This product has been discontinued indefinitely or we aren't sure when it will be back in stock.

The Angstrom HuangLong M is a premium-made 3x3 with a set of strong magnets installed in the pieces. The magnets inside the cube act as a positioning system that greatly enhances puzzle stability and compliance when turning quickly. The Angstrom HuangLong M is lubed with Lubicle Black on the core and a combination of Angstrom Gravitas, Angstrom Dignitas, and DNM-37 on the pieces for an incredibly quick and clean feel free from the drag ordinary silicone lubricants can produce.

This puzzle comes only in stickerless bright.

Cubicle Premium Cube Guarantee: The workmanship on Angstrom, Cubicle Labs, and Pro Shop premium cubes is covered by our 6-month warranty. For more details of the warranty and what's covered, please refer to our Premium Warranty page.

Original puzzle made by Yuxin. It features an Angstrom logo on the red side.

Manufacturer: YuXin
Type: 3x3
Gross Weight: 94g
Added: 2018-10-30
Item Weight: 77.0g

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