Angstrom Research Celeritas

Angstrom Research Celeritas

Angstrom Research

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Product Description

- Celeritas is our first two-part lubricant, featuring Reagent A and Reagent B. Similar to other two-part products such as epoxy resins and silicone curing compounds, Celeritas undergoes a chemical reaction when the two components are mixed, and cannot be packaged as a one-part compound. This lubricant creates a fast and smooth turning experience. 

Reagent A:

  1.  As a special silicone suspension of carbon based monomers. The silicone and special additives prevent the monomers from cross-linking prematurely, until it is mixed with Reagent B. 

Reagent B: 

  1. Activates the chemical reaction in Reagent A, and cross-links all of the monomers to produce a unique gliding feeling in the cube. 
  2. Extends the longevity of this feeling, allowing this gliding feeling to persist throughout common usage of the puzzle. Celeritas is not a simple water-based, or silicone based lubricant. It combines the best features of multiple lubricant features into one product.

How to use:

  1. Add 1-2 drops reagent A into a clean, dry cube which has been cleaned of previous lubricant. Be careful not to add too much, because the initial lubricity of Reagent A is significantly different from the final feeling. Adding too much will result in an overly slow cube. Do many turns to ensure that Reagent A has coated the inner surfaces of the puzzle. This should take about 2 solves.
  2. Add 2-3 drops of Reagent B, and quickly begin to turn the puzzle to allow consistent reaction between the two Reagents.
  3. After step 3, the cube may either be too fast, or too slow. If it is too fast, it is recommended to use a heavy silicone to slow the puzzle down. If it is too slow, we recommend cleaning the puzzle out, and adding less Reagent A.

 Comes with:

  • 3cc bottle of Reagent A
  • 3cc bottle of Reagent B
  • 3D printed holder 

Note: Some puzzles react better to Celeritas than others. For big cube use, we recommend using less Reagent A, and more Reagent B.


AKA: Angstrom Research Celeritas 

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer Angstrom Research
Type Lube
Added 2019-08-14
Gross Weight 12g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Zartmo (United States)
Don’t really know. EDIT: ITS MUCH BETTER THAN I THOUGHT I GIVE 5 STARS edit 2: just get mystic

Honestly, I haven’t really seen a huge difference after multiple times attempting to set up my puzzle with it. When I finally did see a difference, I didn’t really like the feel. I personally wish I got mystic or silk instead, especially since they would last me longer that the celeritas will. Maybe I just need more experience setting up puzzles, but I like the basic angstrom setup much more


Okay so I wrote a review previously about it. At the time, I didn’t know that you had to use celeritas on a dry cube, and every single time I tried previously I had usually had dignitas already on the cube, or maybe some other lubes. I really didn’t think it was worth it then. After rereading the instructions in the description, and Cameron R.’s steps (they are basically the same) I ended up truly feeling the the superiority in celeritas, so far I have had it in my rs3m with dignitas and dim-37 added after, and my mgc 5 the same way. So far both setups are incredible. I no longer know whether you should get the 10cc of mystic or silk, I will have to try them both out before tellling not to get you this.

The lube has that signature gliding feeling, which is really nice. My mgc 5 feels godly after setting it up. It fast, controllable, smooth, and almost effortless to turn, even in the second layer.

Also, using the proper celeritas setup in my rs3m (which I previously preferred my valk 3 which I set up with the regular angstrom setup) and now I prefer it over my valk, even though I liked the valk by a wide margin. So now it’s currently my main.

If you aren’t going to be able to try any lube you want, are on a budget, or dint know 100% what lubes you should get, I’ll tell you in order of best uses. 1.Dnm-37, 2. Weight 5(for a the core and peices, but I wouldn’t use it in the peices if you have the angstrom lube bundle as I fell dignitas slows the cube down but feels way better)3. Angstrom lube bundle ( I wouldn’t get either alone as they work extremely well with each other and some dnm) 4. Silk/mystic 5. Celeritas 6. Lubicle Black (replaces weight 5 as a core lube, but this is really the last lube you wanna get.)

Personally not a fan of lubicle speedy, and lubicle 1 as I feel like dnm are way better than them, and lubicle gummy is doodoo (unless you are a weirdo that like gummy

Sorry that most of it was off topic and rambling, and that the review itself was only 5 sentences but I just wanted this information to be known.

Edit no.2
I think mystic is way better, as it’s better priced and superior in most situations. In harsher/louder cubes like Gan 11 or wrm 2019 mystic is way better. And then smoother cubes like mgc 5x5 of rs3m 2020 I prefer mystic by a little bit. So overall it’s better then celeritas

Anonymous (United States)

This lube is amazing. if you follow Cameron R's rules, it turns effortlessly, can be paired with many things and overall is amazing. some combinations include: with mystic: smooth, with either angstrom lubes (or both): quick, but smooth, and with mystic and traxx 10k, controllable and fast.

Anonymous (United States)

There are so many great combinations with this it's unreal, paired with mystic, you get so much control, on its own, just a buttery, gliding feel, with gravitas on core+tracks along with DNM-37, utterly smooth and fast. Overall, this lube is great, use the instructions from Camron R down below and it's just amazing.

Mark (United States)
Great feel, but unfortunately it’s inconsistent

The problem is that the feel is dependent on the application of two different products. With normal lube, if you put to much or to little you can easily adjust. But since their are two components to this lube, if you apply slightly more or less of either it throws off the feel and it’s impossible to know which one you need to change during the next application. Also the lube doesn’t seem to last very long.

Good concept, but it’s more trouble than it’s worth. I know with Angstrom X I’ll get the same feel every time, not so much with this one though.

The J.W. (South Korea)
Fine, but not recommendable

Nice "Gliding" feeling, nice speed.
However, if you combine it with other lube besides dnm, it looses its identity.
So, combination is very limited.
Also, It always gives only one feeling of no feeling when used.
Still deserves 3 star because of its performance and unique feeling, but I do not recommend it.

olimo (Russia)

This was the first Cubicle lube I tried, and I was very impressed. I used it for my WRM 2020. One drop and a little smudge of Reagent A and two drops of Reagent B. I feel no friction between the pieces, the cube feels like it's made of ice. Very interesting and pleasant feel, I recommend trying it!

bob j. (United States)
Good lube

It's a really good lube that makes a glidey feel. Add more reagent a and its slow and less reagent a and more b it is fast. At first i thought it was overpriced because its 3cc for 10.99. but there is actually 3cc of A and 3cc of B so its 6 cc. if you buy normal bottles of premium 3 cc is 5 bucks. so this which is 11 bucks is only 1 more dollar than usual

bruh (United States)
good lube

I wish that a chart existed for celeritas that showed speed and stuff like the lube pamphlet but for the different amount of drops for celeritas, because it says that a different ratio of A to B is a different feel. Great lube though, really makes a cube fast

Adam K.
Great Lube, but make the 3D printed part better.

First of all, you can sort of control how fast you want your cube to be by manipulating how many drops you use. Unfortunately, the 3D printed stand broke, and they are just piled in my collection. I would make the stand thicker to prevent breakage, or just keep away from non-cubers. I know that you guys are conserving how much ink to use, but I would still improve the design to prevent it from breaking easily. As said, the lube feels glidey, and works well in my opinion.

Jacob H.
Celeritas Got Me A 10.21 Ao5 With An Aolong V1 and Nursed Me Back to Health When I Broke My Leg

Celeritas works wonders in reducing friction between the pieces of any puzzle. This seems to lower the force required to begin a turn. I recommend Celeritas specifically for big cubes, heavier cubes, or cubes with stronger magnets. It feels like the Cubicle's answer to the Valk Power M. Very practical, lovely feel. 5/5