Cubicle Cube Cover


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This product has been discontinued indefinitely or we aren't sure when it will be back in stock.

The Cubicle Cube Cover is a sturdy, high-quality box for covering your cubes to help simulate a competition setting at home. It will cover all WCA competition puzzles. To cover the clock, please place the cube cover over it diagonally.

The cube cover features a simple and sleek design, with a Cubicle logo and the words "Good Luck" underneath on each side.

Note: This product will be shipped in a folded state. To fold it into the cube cover, please push panel A down first, and then fold both panel B's down and hook the sharp part under the groove in part A. Finally, push panel C down and hook it under panel A.

If some parts of the cube cover are not sitting flat on the table, simply crease the sides of the cube cover together on the axes where the cube cover is sitting flat on the table (i.e., the sides of the box that are not wobbling). Repeat until the cube cover is sufficiently flat on the table.
Manufacturer: Cubicle
Type: Accessories
Gross Weight: 23g
Added: 2018-09-10

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