Cubicle Labs Volt MS

X-Man Designs , serviced by Cubicle Labs

  • $27.99

Stickerless (Bright)

This product has been discontinued indefinitely or we aren't sure when it will be back in stock.

The Cubicle Labs Volt MS is a premium-made Square-1 with a set of strong magnets installed in the slice. These slice magnets act as a positioning system that greatly enhances puzzle stability and compliance when turning quickly. The puzzle also comes with a special lock nut and stabilizer that increases the longevity and durability. The Cubicle Labs Volt MS is lubed with a combination of Lubicle Silk, Lubicle Speedy, and Traxxas 10k for a balanced, smooth, and comfortable feel.

The black stickered version of this cube features a Full Bright + Sky Blue sticker set applied. The stickerless version is stickerless bright.

Cubicle Premium Cube Guarantee: The workmanship on Angstrom, Cubicle Labs, and Pro Shop premium cubes is covered by our 6-month warranty. For more details of the warranty and what's covered, please refer to our Premium Warranty page.

Original puzzle made by X-Man Design. It features a horizontal Cubicle Labs logo across the green center piece.

Manufacturer: X-Man Designs
Type: Square-1
Gross Weight: 116g
Added: 2018-10-30
Item Weight: 100.0g

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