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DaYan 7x7 Skewb DaYan 7x7 Skewb
DaYan 7x7 Skewb DaYan 7x7 Skewb
DaYan 7x7 Skewb
DaYan 7x7 Skewb

DaYan 7x7 Skewb


  • $35.99


Stickerless (Dark)
Transparent Blue

SELECTED: Stickerless (Dark)

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Product Description

The DaYan 7x7 Skewb is a cubic, 7 layered puzzle with diagonal cuts. This is currently the highest order skewb variant in production.

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The corners on 2x2 puzzles should not be twisted as doing so may snap the piece. Damage caused by corner twisting is not considered to be a defect.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer DaYan
Type Skewb
Added 2018-10-02
Gross Weight 159g
Item Weight 131.7g

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Derek (United States)
Great idea, terrible quality

I keep wanting to continue the solve, since the puzzle itself is fun to figure out. However, the turning is really bad, as it seems every single piece has to be lined up perfectly to turn. The pieces constantly want to pop out (I’ve had a few actually pop, although they’ve been fairly easy to put back in so far). I would definitely recommend waiting until a cheaper and better version is produced.

DanAvi (United States)
Stiff turning, but a fun solve

It took me a long time to decide to give this puzzle a chance, as I've heard all the worst reviews about it, about how horribly it turns, how much it pops, etc. I think the puzzle came out at least 2-3 years ago (it's now May 2021), and I've just now purchased it. So, what can I say? Having done two full solves on it, along with some isolated Compy Cube and Skewb solves, along with just playing around with it, I can say that my very low expectations have been exceeded. The Skewb turns are fairly reasonable, with minor catching. Half of the Dino turns are alright as well. The other half of the Dino turns are the main problem, as they are very stiff and catchy - however - if you're careful, it's functional enough where you can do a solve without a pop. I've been careful with it and so far I haven't gotten a single pop, thankfully. The catchiness and stiffness can be a bit frustrating, but considering that this is a one-of-a-kind hybrid puzzle of a Compy Cube and a Skewb, I think it's still worth it. If you're a speed cuber and only like smooth turning puzzles, then this puzzle may not be for you. But if you don't mind some stiffness and catchiness and enjoy unique challenging solves, and know how to handle such a puzzle carefully to minimize the chances of a pop, then I'd recommend it.

John V.D.H. (French Polynesia)
Absolutely Awful

Turning is terrible and constantly falls apart. Not acceptable for the price. Great idea horrible execution in terms of manufacturing. Practically not functional. Do not buy this unless you want it just to say you have it.

Anonymous (Vietnam)
It's Fun, But Not A Speedsolve-able Puzzle

Even though i've heard a lot of people saying that this puzzle is horrible, i still wanted to buy it because i simply loved the concept. When i first receive this puzzle it has been lubed quite a bit so the all of the cuts turned relatively well (mine's a stickered version so can't say anything about the other two). The stickers at the small tips were an actual problem. Due to their small size they're easy to fall off if you're not careful enough. And even if it pops it's quite easy to put the pieces all back in unlike other higher order puzzles, but you need to make sure they're in the right place or else you'll get a few impossible "parities" while solving it.
If you still want to buy this puzzle then choose the stickerless version (if you still want the stickered version than you should buy some extra stickers or something like that), and try to tighten it a bit more rather than loosen it, because if not it'll just make the puzzle pop even more frequently. Oh and don't forget to lubricate it as well if you can.

BinaryDragon (United States)
Completely unusable.

Avoid this puzzle at all costs, unless all you want is to put it on a shelf.

I wasn't expecting a speed cube. I wasn't even expecting something that would move all that well. But I was expecting something I could at least scramble and solve, even if it maybe had a lot of catching in the process. What I got was something that simple can't be used. Period. Over the course of 5 minutes, I was able to rotate each of the layers in one direction 120 degrees each, and then return them. That's 12 turns, 4 of which are trivial twists of the corners, over the course of 5 minutes. Even going that slowly and carefully, I had pieces pop out multiple times. The fact is that this isn't a puzzle at all - it's just a bunch of plastic pieces that interlock into a cube.

Aside from the turning (or lack thereof), this doesn't even look good on a shelf. The product image on this page uses very flat lighting, which limits how visible it is, but with real life lighting, the fact that every piece is sitting at a slightly different elevation/angle makes it look awful, and there's no "straightening it" that you can do to fix it, as the central 9 squares on each face will always be raised relative to the others.

I have well over 200 puzzles in my collection. I've gotten some pretty bad ones in the past that I know better than to try to scramble. Still, I have never had one bad enough that I ended up returning it. Until now.

Phoenyx T. (United States)
Puzzle is a nightmare to move and put back together

Chances are the pieces are going to catch when you try to scramble/solve this puzzle. Several times I had to stop moving the puzzle because I was afraid it was going to pop. And guess what? That's exactly what happened. Putting that monstrosity back together used up ALL of my patience. I'll just add this puzzle to my collection of "Never Scramble These Puzzles Again."