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DaYan TengYun V2 M 3x3 DaYan TengYun V2 M 3x3 - Black
DaYan TengYun V2 M 3x3 DaYan TengYun V2 M 3x3 - Black
DaYan TengYun V2 M 3x3
DaYan TengYun V2 M 3x3 - Black

DaYan TengYun V2 M 3x3


  • $32.99



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Product Description

The DaYan TengYun V2 M is an exciting new magnetic 3x3 speed cube from classic manufacturer DaYan. Weighing in at a modest 83g, the TengYun V2 M features three magnetic settings that you can adjust by rotating a plate, as well as adjustable elasticities and tensions without having to switch out any components. Using DaYan's new adjustment tool, you can choose from four tensions and four elasticity settings.

The TengYun V2 M's edge pieces have a similar wave-like design akin to the GuHong V3 M. This design is one of the keys to making DaYan's recent cubes so quiet and comfortable.

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The corners on 2x2 puzzles should not be twisted as doing so may snap the piece. Damage caused by corner twisting is not considered to be a defect.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer DaYan
Type 3x3
Added 2020-04-06
Gross Weight 229g
Dimensions 55.5mm3
Magnets Magnetic
Item Weight 83.0g

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Brian L.
Good Intermediate Level Cube

TL;DR: This cube is a great value for $32, but there are some issues that might stop top speedcubers from maining it.

My settings: medium magnets, 0.6 tensioning, 1.0 spring compression.

Let's start with the pros first. The turning retains the same quiet and swooshy feeling that the original Tengyun was popular for. However, I have noticed that this cube is a little louder than the original. The cube can also be setup to be very stable or very flexible, which is important since the instability of the original Tengyun was a let down for me.

Next, the customization system. I think this magnet system is one of the most straightforward systems on a cube today. The magnets can be easily changed and takes very little time. The spring system isn't ideal however. I much prefer the Gan and Moyu systems, as they are more simplistic. In the Tengyun v2, there are 2 ways to adjust tensions, the screw and the smaller blue ring. This makes the smaller blue ring completely pointless, which just complicates an already complicated system. Even on my moderate-ish settings, this cube is very stable and controllable, which is definitely a pro.

However, this stability leads to some corner cutting issues, which is probably the biggest reason most pros wouldn't use this cube as their main. Small corner cuts, especially reverse cuts, take a lot more effort than nearly every cube on the market. This leads me to have to slow down my turning during solves, especially during last layer, which leaves me getting inconsistent results. When I get a short last layer, I get solves that are much faster than what I average, and I've even set a PB of 4.14 on this cube. However, many times when I get a more complicated last layer, the catching and locking from the lackluster corner cutting leads me to get several 10s and high 9s. (For context, I average high 7 on my Gan XS).

Another issue I've run into is the increased weight. Although it is only 83g, other brands like Gan and Qiyi are pushing the weight of their cubes down and down, and the Tengyun v2 is one of the first cubes in years where the weight increased over the past generation.

However, the corner cutting problem would likely only affect faster speedsolvers, and I think the satisfying smooth feeling and the high amount of customization would make it very compelling for newer and intermediate cubers looking for an upgrade. And for $32, there's no other cube that offers this level of customization and performance. However, if customization isn't your first priority, you might have better luck trying out the Gan 356 M, which offers better performance at the same price. Even though this cube is a drastic upgrade over the Tengyun v1, it still has a bit to go to compete with other flagships like the Gan XS, Valk Elite, and WR M.


First off let me just say, wow! This cube is leagues better than my MGC Elite and my little magic, and I haven’t even lived it yet, my tensions are 0.8 and 1.0 and honestly it’s my new favorite 3x3. It’s silky smooth and practically silent compared to the MGC elite. Great cube 10/10!

Orion C.C. (United States)
The BEST flagship. Ever. Y'all can't change my mind.

Some backstory: I mained the RS3M for a long time, but as a high school student, I couldn't use it during class due to it being loud, even after I dumped a ton of GAN Type 1 lubricant into it. SO I searched up quiet cubes, and the first result I got was the DaYan TengYun. And after it was shipped to me in an incredibly short amount of time, I was amazed by how quiet and smooth it was. It did need a bit of setup and adjustment, as it comes EXTREMELY loose out of the box. But after a bit of tensioning and tweaking, some GAN Type 1, and a tiny bit of Angstrom Dignitas, it felt like I was solving a freaking pillow. Super silent.

Quietest flagship cube ever
Really good adjustment system
Adjustable magnets are great
Awesome colours
Super unique feel, almost effortless to turn
Amazing corner cutting
Awesome price for what you get

Plastic gets black marks very easily
Unboxing experience is meh
Not as quiet as the TengYun V1

But overall, a great cube. If you want a flagship but don't want GAN's stupid prices or want something speedsolvable and super quiet, get this cube. WAY WAY WAY worth it.

Caleb C. (United States)
New Main. Exactly how I wanted it to feel.

Hello. As you can see by the title, this cube is my new Main and met up to expectations. I currently average 16 seconds, and I thoroughly enjoyed this cube. I've read many reviews complaining over the labor in order to get the cube to feel right, however, although it can be improved, I feel it is well worth the work. It took about 15 minutes to get the exact feel I like in a cube. There a many options so I'm confident anyone can get the same result.

My personal setup:

I lubed the core with weight 5
Tracks lightly with speedy and silk
Pieces lightly with silk and compound X

I liked the OOTB feel, so I tried to maintain it but make it slightly better. This made the cube fast, super quiet, and insanely buttery.

My magnet strength is 1, I have the tension on 0.6 and spring compression on 0.5.

In summary, this cube is 100% for you if you are willing to spend time on the finding the right settings for you.

that o.k. (United States)
Love it enough to aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhujhíjrhij it

Get this. Definitely. well, if you want a loose cube.

I love the 'soft' feel of this cube, and it feels a little like the v1, but it adds a swooshy, soft, and a more zhanchi-guhong-tengyun-y feel to it. There problem is that the adjustment system and the centercaps aren't ideal (you need to pop an edge) but who cares?. Also, the tensions come on one of the tightest settings, which is extremely loose, which I love. for reference, it can do 50 degrees corner cuts with no problem at all. I recommend putting a combination of lubes like stardust/dnm, nebula/candycane/lunar/lubicle speedy/angstrom dignitas, and martian and comet/max fleet and qiyi m lube I think this is a really good cube, and I prefer it over gan 13 and 356's and x man tornado v2 and moyu rs3m 2020 and 21 and all the non magnetic spedcubs ever.
The only problem is that its dry no matter what.

Update 2: The tengyun v3 is more worth it. They made it reeeally fast, fixed the loose problem and the dry problem, and it still feels swooshy and blocky. Also you can get tornado v3 fragship too if you wanna try something different

overall good but I would get the v3


iliya (Sweden)
Main worthy

This cube is soooo good
About the feelings it is super smooth and buttery
this cube can be super fast that I could do a U6 with it and can be super stable and this is the point that makes this cube amazing
About the corner cutting it's good but not the best
The setting system is not that confusing and I understood it with the guide
I love how quite it is
The magnets on the weakest setting are week the medium setting is a little weaker than medium and strongest setting is strong
I didn't have problem with colors out if the box they are a kind of frosted but after 1 month become shinier
About the reliability it doesn't have pops with the setting that I have and also out of the box and corner twist is normal I have corner twist but not like once 10 solve like once 75 solve
And the thing that makes it super amazing is it doesn't have anyyyy catches which is really good
The stability is really good because this cube is a very stable and smooth cube

At all if you want to buy this cube it is so good it is a fast and super super ultra smooth and quite cube with a good corner cutting and no catches and is very main worthy
About the problems it could have better corner cutting and less corner twist

Owen J. (United States)
very nice cube!!

When i first got it i had lower expectations but i was blown away by how good it was! easily became my main. However a slight issue is the sticker shades are a little to vibrant, and the red and orange look a little too similar, but overall it’s a really nice and quiet cube.

Customer (United States)
Amazing puzzle - Main worthy!

You may think that $32.99 USD is a high price point for a cube; well, to this I say, it is 2022.
But, $32.99 is an amazing value for a cube this good!
You probably bought this cube only because it is quiet, which, it is! It’s quieter than all of my other cubes but I wouldn’t say it’s too quiet, I’m a fairly inaccurate turner, and I have long hair and 8 cats, so my hair gets caught in the core and cat hair does as well. This does make the cube quieter, but the cleaning process is stupid easy.
Something strange I do notice is when I lube it adequately, only the speed effects of the lube apply, lightly. If you wanted the turning softer, you’d have to put Lubicle Silk in it and then something thick like Weight 5 in right after. But, this doesn’t matter to me.
If you are someone who doesn’t change OOTB settings, I advise you to do so for this cube. It is super loose out of the box.
The core can be overwhelming and it was for me before I understood it. It was a bit difficult to see the tiny numbers (I am notorious in my family for not being very good at spotting things quickly) mainly because both the large octagon and the smaller hexagon were both blue and translucent, but with some light you can find the numbers easily.
This is certainly main-worthy, but on OOTB settings it does pop a bit (just one edge falls out)
For virtually the same price, you can get the Tornado V3 M type 2.

Cuberoni (Hong Kong)
Absolutely Amazing

OOTB it was a little dry and papery, but once I set it up (0.8 1.0 magnet strength 2) and lubed it with DNM-37 on the pieces and Silk on the tracks, it was amazing. I used to be 1:20 on my GAN 354 M V2. I mained the TengYun, and now I am sub-40. Instant main for cubers of any speed level, tensions, spring compression, and magnets fit any turning style. Long story short, IT'S AMAZING. P.S, you might have to fiddle with the settings for a bit to get your ideal TengYun V2, but setting it up is worth your while.

Pietro V.

Very quiet and enjoyable.