FangShi LimCube 3x3 Dreidel


  • $37.99

Transparent Pink
Transparent Blue
Transparent Yellow
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The FangShi LimCube 3x3 Dreidel is a 3x3x3 shape mod in which the corners can be rotated freely to scramble the cube even more, which makes the puzzle a much more difficult challenge than a normal 3x3x3 puzzle. The puzzle is capable of shape-shifting.

Features high-quality construction, stable movement, and durable stickers.

The LimCube series is FangShi's line of non-WCA puzzles. The 3x3 Dreidel is the first release in this line.

Note: Please be advised that the Transparent Pink, Transparent Blue, and Pink versions comes fully non-stickered, with a set of factory stickers on the side.

Manufacturer: FangShi
Type: Shape Mods
Gross Weight: 204g
Added: 2018-10-14

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