GAN 11 M Pro 3x3 (UV Coated)

GAN 11 M Pro 3x3 (UV Coated)


  • $69.99


Stickerless (Bright)

With Lube Service (+$5.00)

*These are set up by the Cubicle Pro Shop (CPS) with our in-house lubricants, and are ready for immediate shipment. Highly recommended when available!
Stickerless (Bright) [CPS Serviced]

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Product Description

The GAN 11 M Pro (UV Coated) is a special edition of GAN’s top flagship, the GAN 11 M Pro

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer GAN
Type 3x3
Added 2020-09-30
Gross Weight 232g
Dimensions 56.0mm3
Magnets Magnetic
Item Weight 63.0g

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
It's Perfect

It's exactly how I wanted it to feel like and it is very smooth and silent

Good, but not perfect

For those wondering exactly what the UV coating is like ill state that up front. It feels basically identical to the finish on the Dayan Tengyun V1 and the finishes on the MGC. Its just glossy plastic essentially. Which i really like. I wish it came with black internals, but overall great cube. I reccomend celeritas or mystic for this cube.

This Cube isn't the best, Here is why its my main.

This cube is kind of weird.

Out of the box, the cube is not well set up, you would have to set it up on your own. So you need to know how the tensioning and the magnetic system works, not to mention having prior knowledge of what lubes work in this cube before you screw up everything, fun, right?

After some messing around with the tensions and the magnetic system, the cube is ok, however, it does need to be lubed with Mystic or some other lube combination (which is also why I recommend getting this set up by the cubicle.

Overall, this cube is my main because it's still a great cube at the end of the day. However, it shouldn't take three months to find the right tensions and lubes. Despite all of this, however, the cube does pop and is very prone to being very good or very bad depending on the day which I find odd, it could just be me however, I was thinking of being more critical in this review however, I do think that this can be a great cube, but only with painstaking setup.

Worth the wait

Even though delayed due to supplier, terrific communication and options from TheCubicle. Held out for UV coated version and not disappointed - super smooth and great quality.

I lowered my average by almost 2 seconds

I went from around 19 seconds to 17 seconds, even did some 16 Ao12 average. It is fast also really stable. I really really recommend if you can afford. Setting up is easy too.

Love it!

I actually didn't pay for this i got it from a giveaway, BUT I can definitely say that this cube is the best cube in my collection. I said 2 PBs with it and I'm loving it

Loving it

Bought 2 and swapped UV coated tiles onto Black internals. Now it feels and looks much better. Gan should give us this option for UV coated as well

Unlike the year this cube released in, the GAN11 M Pro is actually phenomal.

I've mained GAN cubes since the Air SM in 2017, and the 11 M Pro is no exception. Right out of the box, it was an instant main; it was solid, sturdy, and stable, and the weight wasn't a problem like I anticipated. It's lightness actually makes it much more satisfying to use.

I set mine up with a mixture of heavy silicone lube with some Lubicle Silk and DNM-37, and have the light blue tension nut on 1, tightest spring compression for the GES, and the triangle magnets on 3. This setup has a very strong magnetic feel, which I enjoy, but it glides effortlessly when turning quickly. The puzzle is buttery smooth, controllable, and fluid, and is light and crispy while maintaining the traditional GAN smoothness. It's stable and sturdy, and doesn't flex as much as the XS thanks to the next omnidirectional magnetic positioning system.

All the customization options are cool, but I do think they're a bit overkill. The tensioning and spring compression from the XS is perfect, but the new magnets are a bit much. I think having two sets of corner magnets, the triangle and hexagonal ones, it completely unnecessary. Having the adjustable 1, 2, and 3 in the corner piece is enough, and removing the stock corner magnets was pretty much impossible anyways.

As for the UV coating, it makes the cube look spectacular, but in terms of grip, I don't notice much of a difference. One thing that's weird with the UV coating though, is that it seems to retain sweat a lot easier, so if your hands are sweating, the cube becomes really slippery, and it takes a bit more effort to dry it off.

Overall, the 11 M Pro is a superb cube. But for $70, I don't think you'll be missing out on too much if you go for other, cheaper options that are almost as good.

Evolution, not Revolution

The GAN 11 M Pro feels like an evolution of the GAN cubes of late. It's really light and extremely customizable. It's also very quiet. It kind of reminds me of a DaYan TengYun M in how light, glossy, and quiet it is, but with stronger magnets. The absolute lightest magnet setting would remove the corner magnets, making this like a light GAN XS. With the corner magnets in, there is a stronger snap into place feeling. It's not a huge difference from the XS though. I feel like the XS is more silky feeling while turning, while the 11 M Pro is more papery. That's even after I put some Silk lube in it.

The UV coating makes the cube very shiny looking. It's more shiny then the old Moyu cubes or even PVC coated cubes. Grip doesn't seem to be that different than normal.

Overall, this is definitely a premium cube, worthy of the GAN name. I think I still prefer the feel of the Gan XS though. I'd say buy this if you favor light, quiet cubes with medium to strong magnets.


After a long wait for this cube it is totally worth it. Out of the box it felt incredible and an instant main over my rs3m 2020. The cube has a smooth and crunchy turning feel. My average is now 11.5 before I got the cube and now it is 10.2 almost sub 10