GAN12 M MagLev UV 3x3

GAN12 M MagLev UV 3x3


  • $77.99


Stickerless (Bright)

With Lube Service (+$5.00)

*These are set up by the Cubicle Pro Shop (CPS) with our in-house lubricants, and are ready for immediate shipment. Highly recommended when available!
Stickerless (Bright) [CPS Serviced]

SELECTED: Stickerless (Bright)

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Product Description

The GAN12 MagLev UV 3x3 is at the very peak of 3x3 innovation and design. This flagship puzzle includes adjustable magnets in the pieces and an adjustable magnetic levitation tension/compression system. This technology utilizes opposing magnets to imitate the feel of a spring while also reducing friction and spring noise. This version has a glossy finish out the outer surface.

If you're interested in the non-maglev version of this puzzle, you can find it here.
Comes with:
  • Tuning Tutorial
  • GAN Cube Box
  • GAN Cube Bag
  • CFOP Tutorial
  • Tuning rod + Hexagonal magnet bar
  • GAN ID Card
    gan 12, gan12, gan 1 2, gan twelve, gantwelve

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    Product Specifications
    Manufacturer GAN
    Type 3x3
    Added 2021-09-27
    Gross Weight 227g
    Dimensions 56.0mm3
    Magnets Magnetic
    Item Weight 66.0g

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    W.K. (United States)
    Amazing product! The best cube out there surely disregarding the price.

    I bought the gan 12 maglev uv about a month ago when I could get a rsm maglev for orders above 80 usd. I got the gan 12 along with some other items, and I have been waiting for it ever since. I was hyped when it was delievered finally. To my surprise, the gan had no weird lockups/catches that people, especially J Perm, talked about. The cube was hyper fast and I also noticed the hexagonal magnets were makijg a weird sound on my cubw, and it didn't seem stronger than the triangular ones. The corner to core magnets are so cool to play around with, and the cube is perfect with asix drops of DNM 37. I highly recommend this cube if you can afford it, but if you are in a tight budget, don't stare at a gan. I strongly recommened getting a rsm instead. Again, this cube is exceptional overall, and it is the best one I have ever had.

    T.H. (United States)
    Horribly unreliable for the price

    As has already been brought to the public eye, the Gan 12 has catching issues, and in limited cases, the corner to core magnet stalks will break. This is absolutely unacceptable in a puzzle that is as expensive as this one is.

    Dylan K. (United States)

    GAN12 M MagLev UV 3x3

    Gregory B. (United States)

    GAN12 M MagLev UV 3x3

    Sylvain G. (United States)
    The GAN 11 was perfection, the GAN 12 MAG MEV is even better

    I’m not even sure how to describe this. The GAN 11 M Pro was light years ahead of any of my other cubes. It is super light and fast. It turns effortlessly.

    The GAN 12 MAG LEV leaves the GAN 11 M pro in the dust. Same light cube. The magnets instead of springs actually remove all friction and you are left with a cube that literally glides. It is lightning fast and it is 100% easier to turn than the GAN 11 which itself was 100% easier to turn than any of my other cubes.

    Oh, and did I mention how beautiful the UV coating is!!!

    I’m not sure how anyone can possibly improve on this cube. It is quite the technological achievement.

    Hope M. (United States)
    Really Good and Pricey what else do you expect from GAN?

    I was really nervous at first to order the GAN 12 Maglev because of all the reviews saying they didn't like the new feel. However, it matches my turning style perfectly. I did change my settings to match my other GAN cubes and I added some silicone lube to slow it down a little bit, after that the cube feels perfect to me. It may be this good to me because my turning style is pretty slow and a fast cube helps my times. I average around 4 tps but this cube gets me better times than my average of 17 seconds. Don’t count on this cube giving you better times if you turn super fast already. I would recommend changing the settings a bit for a more controllable feel. Overall if you have the money and want a new cube get it, if not there are plenty of other cubes out there that are awesome for a lot cheaper.

    Jonas D. (United States)
    Very good cube

    Honestly think it's amazing

    Zaxecivobuny (United States)
    Smoothest, most fun cube I've ever had

    I've been cubing since 2005 and I try a lot of cubes. I've tried every GAN flagship for several years now, and while it's not a huge improvement over the non-maglev predecessor, which I really loved, this is my favorite cube of all time.

    Michael J. (United States)
    What can I say about an $80 cube?

    It is actually excellent! I upgrade from the very old MoYu WeiLong GTS 2 from 2018, so this upgrade is absolutely nuts! I have heard some people (JPerm) complain about the cube’s getting stuck weirdly, but I haven’t had that problem at all after about 2 weeks of solving. I have drier skin on my palms, so the stickier surface is well appreciated. Changing the settings of the magnets, the core distance, or tension is very easy, intuitive, and fast. I have been cubing on quite slow settings (middle strength triangular magnets, core distance on 2 and tension on setting 3) with 3 drops od DNM-37 and two edges’ tracks lubricated with Gravitas. The speed is wonderful, and could be even faster, but I am too slow for that. I average around 23 seconds with lucky PBs under 20.

    A.L. (United States)

    I have no words to describe how good this is.