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MoFang JiaoShi MF7S 7x7 MoFang JiaoShi MF7S 7x7 MoFang JiaoShi MF7S 7x7 MoFang JiaoShi MF7S 7x7 MoFang JiaoShi MF7S 7x7 MoFang JiaoShi MF7S 7x7
MoFang JiaoShi MF7S 7x7 MoFang JiaoShi MF7S 7x7 MoFang JiaoShi MF7S 7x7 MoFang JiaoShi MF7S 7x7 MoFang JiaoShi MF7S 7x7 MoFang JiaoShi MF7S 7x7
MoFang JiaoShi MF7S 7x7
MoFang JiaoShi MF7S 7x7
MoFang JiaoShi MF7S 7x7
MoFang JiaoShi MF7S 7x7
MoFang JiaoShi MF7S 7x7
MoFang JiaoShi MF7S 7x7

MoFang JiaoShi MF7S 7x7

MoFang JiaoShi

  • $19.99



SELECTED: Stickerless

This product has been discontinued indefinitely or we aren't sure when it will be back in stock.

Product Description

The MoFang JiaoShi MF7S is a new MoYu sub-branded 7x7 in the Cubing Classroom series. The Cubing Classroom series offers many premium design features at a low price point, and it is most ideal for beginning cubers.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer MoFang JiaoShi
Type 7x7
Added 2018-09-24
Gross Weight 268g
Dimensions 69.0mm3
Item Weight 236.0g

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
PkGam (United States)
The Friction Is Strong With This One...

(I got this cube from the old site so this may not show as a verified purchase. But I assure you I got it from there. I just only got around to reviewing it now.)

I have a lot of mixed feelings with this one as it was like a roller coaster of "I think I got it just right!" and "Oh, this isn't as I thought I got it...". It's complicated to explain why, but I'll try my best. So when I first got it, the tensions were quite tight. Some adjustment later and it seemed good. But as I did a solve it was popping. So I made it tighter and it had a way of feeling "too" tight. This went back and forth a bunch of times until I had an idea: Cut the springs down. So I did it 1 full circle of a piece at a time until I cut it down to something I thought was comfortable. It still felt like it took more effort to turn than it should though. So I did some experiments. One of which was removing a spring entirely and testing that side only. Even with pieces rattling it felt like there was resistance and it wasn't from catching. Then it hit me: There's something about it that has a lot of friction which makes it really slow. So I tried using a thinner lube which seemed to help, but it didn't last too long. So using a thin lube to get it to feel right ends up being a strangely high amount of maintenance and as a result of losing that feel quick, never can seem to keep it at where I like it to a science... Mind you it's certainly not horrible at any point or anything, it's just that the slowness from the friction is not very hand-fatigue-friendly after a while of turning it. At least for me.

For the turning itself, it's quite smooth and soft feeling with a gradual progression of layer tension from the outside being the lightest to the most inside's (third from outside) being the tightest. That is something you want because it makes it a bit easier to keep layers aligned. Though said friction from before still made that a bit of an issue as it tends to pull other layers along anyway. So skillful gripping and turning is key. For corner cutting it'll do a whole piece, even on the wider outer layer. So you don't have to worry about lock ups in that regard.

The color scheme that I got is of the stickerless variety and is excellent as they are easily distinguishable even in dim lighting. This is likely due to a combination of the shade of each color and the thoughtfulness of making such colors from similar parts of the color wheel stand out from each other. Like remember those older Rubik's brand cubes that would have orange stickers very close to the red and you'd struggle in low light? There's nothing like that here as each is quickly identifiable even when a similar color isn't adjacent to compare it with.

As a sort of irrelevant point to anything performance-wise, the logo sticker's top layer peeled off pretty quickly and then the logo itself as it was no longer protected. Kind of a bummer there. I'm thinking it was a combination of the slow turning friction (fingers rubbing across it more) and the sticker being so necessarily small as there isn't much surface for it to hold on to.

Some may think I'm being a bit harsh on this because it's a budget cube, but I just tend to rate from experiences and not price as I know that companies are very capable of making great cubes at any price point. So I guess I just think it could be better. Being a budget cube certainly makes it an accessible option to get into 7x7 though.

Suggested to prevent

This cube is a great budget cube for beginners, but do not play this cube when you are standing, or having a distance to the floor because if you dropped it, it will explode and it is a torture time to pick the pieces up and reassemble it back. Trust me, it is the worst.


So I didn't buy this cube, but I tried it at school. overall, the cube is really smooth, buttery and fast. I didn't undershoot overshoot, or pop the cube. Very stable, and amazing. Defiantly buying this cube. Also a good price. USE CODE JRCUBER BTW.

Emery M.

So I had this for 3 days and then when I was at school I hugged my friend goodbye and dropped it then it exploded. It was amazing and a couple people helped me pick up all the pieces but I lost one. So I’ll probably buy a new one. But the actual cube. It turns really nicely but has a bit of a catching problem but not to and and even though it’s a big cube it’s worth saying that it doesn’t corner cut well. Also this was my first 7x7 so I don’t have one anymore. Just a bag of plastic and stickers.

How can you deny this?

Out of the box, this thing is a monster to turn... but, literally loosen the tentions by a third of a turn and you’ve got yourself an amazing 7x7! I got this in black... and I dropped making the core snap... but that was my fault. I just want to say that you should do your 100% best to not drop it. So I bought it again in stickerless, which I think has a great color scheme. I do not reccomend buying it stickered, because when/if they peel, good luck restickering! XD
Overall, 4.6/5 for me. Thank you, MoFang Jiaoshi!

Connor P.

This was my first ever 77 and it was awesome... The tensions where perfect and didn't have to mess 38th them. I don't practice very much on big cubes but i did break it in with about 25 solves and still AMAZING for a $20 cube!!!!!!!

Corner cutting. 9.5/10

Price. 10/10

Lock ups. 9.5/10


Justin W.
Excellent first 7x7

Perfect (for my skill level) right out of the box. Buttery smooth and no popping. If you are looking for your first 7x7, try this one, it's great.Nothing else to say.

Ethan W.
Good budget cube

I wanted a good 7x7 because I have a cruddy V-Cube that is horrible. This was a cheap cube but with some Lubicle 1 it was better. I bought the lube for my Shengshou Aurora 5x5 but I needed some for this 7x7. Overall an 8 out of 10.

Michael R.
Good buy

Great without adjustments, lube only. Center is a little tricky because the tiles seem slightly too small for my hand but it's not a big issue. I enjoy using this cube.

‪Yaron B.
Great Beginner 7x7

I just unboxed the MF7S and I absolutely love it! It turns very smoothly right out of the box (please note - I bought it with the Cubicle Pro Shop lubing service). It did come quite tight though, with a pretty sluggish feeling (yet it is very smooth) and less than 1 piece of corner cutting, which I suppose is sub-par, but still enough to satisfy me, considering I am not a 7x7 speed solver and this is my first 7x7. If you try to corner cut more than 1 piece it will pop a little, but you can easily push the pieces back to their place. I highly recommend the MF7S if you want a first 7x7, both for casual solving and beginner 7x7 solvers. It does need some setup to be great, but is absolutely fine as it is.