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Product Description

The MoYu AoLong V2 is the revised version of the immensely popular and successful MoYu AoLong. The revisions are intended to reduce the possibility of corners twisting accidentally during solves, which was widely publicized during Feliks Zemdegs' would-be world record 3x3 solve.

The changes mainly target the corner-twisting and the overall stability of the cube. The pieces are now a little less bubbly compared to the AoLong V1, and the grooves on the corner pieces have been made bigger. The box has also been redesigned for this version.

Note regarding batches: Our AoLong V2s are from the newest batch, and they all have glossy plastic.

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Please note that some new cubes when being used for the first few times may experience what is termed a "pop". This is when one or more parts of a puzzle pop out without any damage actually being done to any of the pieces. This also occurs from time to time during normal usage. Pops are typically not considered a defect if the parts which come off can be reassembled by hand.

The corners on 2x2 puzzles should not be twisted as doing so may snap the piece. Damage caused by corner twisting is not considered to be a defect.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer MoYu
Type 3x3
Added 2018-09-11
Gross Weight 109g
Dimensions 57.0mm3

Customer Reviews

Based on 373 reviews
Kenza A.

The Moyu Aolong V2 was my first ever speedcube
Out of the box, this cube was really great but then, it slowed down gradually and came worse. The sound of the spring was very loud and the corner cutting was bad. It had been like 1 year and a half so...
Well, I ordered some Angstrom compound v and the cube instantely got great. It went fast, turned smoothly and had a sort of buttery feeling which I only had in My Gan cubes.

In my opinion, this cube is great for cubers who like sort of crunchy cubes.

Caleb C.

This cube is a little heavy and I’m not a huge fan of the 57 mm. I have small hands as I am only 13 years old. It is super clacky and the corners in mine are a bit lose and corner flip EVERY SINGLE SOLVE. I have a pretty clean turning style, too. This is currently my main, but I am switching to the new Gan 356 X. This cube is great for beginner speed cubers, but I would rather recommend something else.

P.S.-I set it up with Maru and Silk, which work well, but still don’t add up to something like a MGC2

Ben P.
Quite old fashioned, but still great!

This cube came out all the way back in 2014, and I still think this cube is great and relevant IF you are willing to put the work in to get this thing to optimal performance.

Out of the box, this cube was about average, not anything note-worthy. It had a scratchy and dry feel, kind of like a fangshi cube. It was plenty fast though despite the scratchiness and the dryness.

Stickers on this cube out of the box are nothing really special. Just your typical stock MoYu shades. I would highly suggest buying replacement stickers if you plan to use this cube as your main.

Because this cube is an older cube, it takes a VERY long time to break in properly. I did probably 200 - 300 solves before i put any lube in this cube. Despite the insane amount of solves I did to get the initial break in done, it still wasn't quite there. Mine is of course properly broken in now after doing probably around 1,500 solves on it.

Aside form how long it takes to break in, another challenge you will encounter is tensioning and lubricating. It took me a very long time to figure out a good lube and tension combo. I found that slightly looser tensions along with a mix of traxxas 30k on the inner tracks and 50k on the core and outside pieces produces a very fast and smooth puzzle.

Corner cutting is about what you'd expect. Roughly under 45 degrees for both ways (due to my preferred setup). Corner twists are very rare, but I had a single incident where I have corner twisted due to an over aggressive turn solve. Pops are pretty much non-existent on reasonable tensions.

So overall, this cube is great. It has many of the same aspects of performance as many cubes today, and really just needs proper setup to really be brought to its full potential. I would highly suggest buying if you are willing to put in the effort.

Ernest F.
A good choice for main

I had this cube for about 2 years and has been my main in all my comps.
When I got it, the tensions were about right, and I didn't really need to lube it.

The cube has great corner cutting, and really good speed (it isn't so fast that it turns beyond your aiming point, which is good). I have had pops on this cube, but with the right tensions, it doesn't pop. I haven't had a pop with this cube in almost 2 years. I noticed that M moves are just a tiny tiny bit harder to turn than other cubes, or maybe I just haven't mastered it yet.

This cube feels very solid and high-quality, and I usually don't care too much if it drops on the floor. The stickers on it have lasted as long as its lifetime, and they are plastic stickers, so they don't rip easily. I use Maru lube and sometimes Traxxas 50k Differential Lube. I highly suggest this cube to any cuber, whether experienced or not.

Darrian W.
Aolong is a beast

Although this cube is probably not on par with the current speedcubes I decided to get it because I lost mine.
OOTB: honestly couldn't believe it was an Aolong! It was extremely tight, and nowhere near the performance I remembered it having (Although my previous aolong was a cubicle version). Super sandy and actually kinda blocky.
After Tensioning and Lubing:
The cube performed a whole lot better. I get my average with it easily and I'm glad to have it back. Unless you're a collector I probably wouldn't recommend the cube for this price though, I would put the 16$ towards a Gans Air/Valk/GTS for sure.

Angela M.
better than gts2

I have a gts2m. And after magnetizing this it became my main. It has a bubbly and crispy smooth feeling rather than a buttery smooth feeling. It turns quickly and i get my normal times on this. I set it up with Silk Dnm-37 and ubicle 1 on the pieces with no core lube.


Even though this cube came out in 2014 this cube can stand up to good 3x3s today! I got this cube at Nats 2017 and it was used so I don’t know what the person who I bought it from did to it. But whatever he did to it, it was awesome! The stickers were a little banged up tho. The corner cutting on this cube is very good, the speed is very good! I recommend this cube to anyone! Just buy this cube!


Even though this cube came out in 2014 this cube can stand up to good 3x3s today! I got this cube at Nats 2017 and it was used so I dont know what the person who I bought it from did to it. But whatever he did to it, it was awesome! The stickers were a little banged up tho. The corner cutting on this cube is very good, the speed is very good! I recommend this cube to anyone! Just buy this cube!

FluffyWarrior260 L.N.
It Didn't Have What I Needed

I am a fanatic about cubing and usually bring my MoYu AoLong V2 with me wherever I go. Well, I had to go on a sledding trip with my friends, and accidentally brought the cube in my pocket. this was a huge hill by the way, so there was a lot of space pieces of a cube could go. well anyways, my friend walked up to me holding a cube with all of the center caps missing and asked if it was mine. apparently, it was. so I spent the rest of the trip looking for the caps and only was able to recover four. I looked online to see if I could find any center pieces and this is the only website that sells replacements for any kind of cube. I looked in the MoYu AoLong V2 section and all it sells is stickers! And I lied about that being mine, that was given to me by a friend, and he's gonna get super mad when he finds out I lost the center caps.

Old Cube but easily holds up

This cube is old but I bought it to add to my collection. I got it in stickerless because I just thought it would look cool. This is not my main because my main is a Gans 356 M but I loved using this puzzle. Out of the box I was nearly getting my average without removing the lube or tensioning it. It did feel a little gummy but after around 50 solves the feeling completely went away. Almost 500 solves later (accurate) This cube was easily getting my average after relubing and a little tensioning. I hate using this word because it is overused but this cube definitely deserves the term "buttery." It is fast, controllable, buttery, and not that loud. And for $15 dollars this is a steal! 5/5 EZ