MoYu RS3 M+ Magnet KIt

MoYu RS3 M+ Magnet Kit


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Product Description

The MoYu RS3 M+ Magnet Kit is a set of 26 very small magnets. These are intended to be used with the RS3 M 2020 and RS3 M 2021 (MagLev) to strengthen the magnetic feel. Simply open each edge, and place two of these inside, one on top of each of the existing magnets (on top of the plastic works just fine). There is no need for glue, or to worry about polarity. Just drop them in, and feel the difference!

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer Cubicle
Type Accessories
Added 2020-06-26
Gross Weight 5g
Item Weight 3.4g

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Brian P. (United States)
Easier Than Expected!

I didn't realize I only had to open the edge pieces! It only took me a couple minutes and now my Rs3m feels even better than before. I went down a click on the tensions to compensate for the extra magnet strength, now they're in the 6th position. Super easy to install and a very inexpensive upgrade that really makes a difference!

Tracey H.

MoYu RS3 M+ Magnet Kit

Tyler B. (United States)
Great and easy to install.

These increased stability and allow my to open up the elasticity settings to 1 click. The RS3 M 2020 corner cuts like a dream with the set up I have at the moment. The increased magnet strength took a little to get used to but not too long. Would recommend these if you have a compatible cube. Cheap and works wonders.

Andy V. (United States)


Marcheus J.

MoYu RS3 M+ Magnet Kit

Jennifer R. (United States)
Simple magnetic upgrade for the rs3m 2020 and 2021 maglev version.

These little magnets are great. They are extremely easy to apply. I would recommend this simple kit for beginners and experts alike. This is a great opportunity for beginners who aren’t quite comfortable disassembling their cubes to do so, because once completed you will not only be confident in the assembling/disassembling process, your cube will have a new feel to it with the additional magnets. For those attempting this for the first time, YouTube offers plenty of step-by-step tutorials.

I purchased two sets. One for my old 2020 rs3m and one for my maglev rs3m. Whilst adding the additional edge magnets to the maglev version, I also added the CH DIY magnetic core/corners upgrade that was also purchased here. With those two easy upgrades this cube is better than my GanXS, X-Man tornado, and Moyu Weilong WR M. Performance wise it’s equal to my WR M Maglev, which also has the magnetic core/corners. At the moment I am maining this cube, only because the WR M maglev with the purple internals is so beautiful I prefer to display and admire it for now. If you have read to the end, thank you, and Happy Cubing everyone.

Jeramy B. (United States)
It works well

The RS3M+ magnet kit was perfect for someone like me. In the order my parent purchased the RS3M, we made sure to get this just because I knew I preferred stronger magnets, and it works. It helps control the cube. And the best part, this plus the cube itself is cheaper than 10 dollars.* For just 10 bucks you can make magic.

*Not including taxes or shipping...

Manual C. (United States)
I wish they were a tad stronger

While they do a good job for 3mmx2mm magnets, of what seems like N50 strength, they don't quite match the 4x1 and 4x1.5 magnets that are already in the RS3M. Also, there will be a small gap between the stock magnet and the upgraded magnet once installed, due to the nature of the plastic shroud around the original magnet. This weakens the potential strength of the added magnet. You can carefully cut or break off the shroud, for better magnet to magnet contact, which will increase the strength, or you can simply get 4x2 instead of 3x2 magnets, which is what I wish these were.

At the end of the day, they're fine magnets, I just wish they were a bit stronger/bigger.

Anonymous (United States)
Better with magnets

rs3m magnets were too weak for me so get this just in case for just 1 dollar

Ryan (Canada)
It does the business.

Being brand new to this junk, I honestly can't tell if I prefer my RS3M Maglev with or without the extra magnets. There's definitely a bit of a tradeoff between a bit more stability and a little extra help finishing a turn and the extra force necessary to initiate a turn. Like a lot of things, it seems like your own personal preference is going to determine whether or not these are for you. There's also a bit of adjustment involved since you're probably gonna want to fiddle with your spring/magnet tension and try some different settings for that along with testing with/without the extra magnets.

Honestly, though, they're not even an extra $2.00 so it's not like you're breaking the bank if you don't like 'em.