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ShengShou Petaminx
ShengShou Petaminx

ShengShou Petaminx


  • $226.99




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Product Description

The ShengShou Petaminx is a 12-sided puzzle with one more layer per side than the Teraminx. It is a 9-layered Minx puzzle with completely flat sides. The puzzle comes pre-stickered with the standard ShengShou shades. It is also pre-lubricated from the factory, and it turns very easily and smoothly right out of the box.

The ShengShou Petaminx is packaged inside an exquisite carrying case with a carrying handle. It comes with a set of factory replacement stickers inside the box.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer ShengShou
Type Minx+
Added 2018-09-11
Gross Weight 1955g
Item Weight 1229.0g

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
J. (Mexico)
Beyond expectations

The cube is amazing. Best quality. Beyond my expectations with its own storage case. It took my son 6 hours and 57 minutes to complete it. It’s the best cube he’s every bought.

A H. (United States)
A Real Masterpiece

This puzzle is incredible!
Great quality, turns very smoothly, and definitely worth every penny!
I highly recommend this puzzle to all puzzle fans!
Enjoy reassembling this gigantic beauty :))

Christian C. (United States)
I have wanted one for 12 years now, since it was created.

It is my favorite puzzle. I can get it done in less than 5 hours. I love this purchase.

Lalo E.
Very Good

I'm very pleased by this. It's a very big puzzle, so expect your hands to get tired, but very fun.
My only small, very small, issue is that some faces are stiffer than others. I dont know what's the deal with the purple face, but it's stiff even after several solves.

Michael G.
Perfect for any collector!

Upon my discovery of its release, it took me 20 seconds to justify the purchase of this behemoth of a puzzle. It is physically larger and heavier than the old Yuxin 11x11, the one that's rounded. It is the dodecahedral equivalent of a 9x9 cube.

The stickers are holding up better than any other Shengshou puzzle I have, though it does retain that classic greasy feel out of the box. An extra set of stickers is provided, which is always a plus. The turning is exceptional for such a large puzzle, but its size will force you to table solve it.

I absolutely adored the carrying case you get as well, though I found it can be a bit fragile if you drop it the wrong way.

I purchased this puzzle and took it to my first competition recently, having promised myself to let other folks scramble this puzzle for me, and to enjoy it for what it is. It quickly became the main attraction at my table as not many folks had ever seen or played with one before, due to it being newly released.

If you ever have the chance, buy this puzzle. It will fit in perfectly with anyone's collection. The high price tag is worth the hours you will spend on just one solve.

Paul M.
my awsome petaminx

so out of the box it was gooey needed to be wiped a bit but this is common with any shengshou puzzle they like to put lots of lube any ways it turns really well I do notice that when I turn the first layer it seems to catch the second and take it with it I also noticed I could hear the springs creaking a little as I turned it. I am still working on my first solve so maybe after awhile of playing with it. it will get better we will see. overall this is an awesome puzzle and I would recommend to any puzzle enthusiast have fun

John R.
Flawless, a real work of art

This puzzle is absolutely stunning, a true work of art, and instantly the pride of my collection. Not only does it look impressive in its immensity and complexity, but its performance is incredible.

First off, the puzzle is gigantic, much larger than I expected. The Shengshou Teraminx looks comical compared to it. Although it is both bulky and heavy, its true dodecahedral structure makes it much more comfortable to manipulate than the MF8 version. Right out of the box it turns effortlessly. The tensions and lubrication seem to have been carefully calibrated to provide an enjoyable experience, and I had to contribute no additional changes to the way it turns. It's simply perfect as it comes.

I know this puzzle is a lot of money, but in my opinion, it is truly a must have for any collector or puzzle enthusiast. I cannot tell you enough how much I absolutely adore this puzzle. I will surely spend hours on this in the coming weeks and months.

Anthony L. (United States)
Great Puzzle

If you like big minx-type puzzles, this is the one. Out of the box I thought the turning was very stiff and that the Teraminx was much better, but after 1 solve, the turning improved drastically. A puzzle this size needs to be broken in, but the turning improves with use without lube or adjusting tension. A very sturdy and impressive puzzle, I’d highly recommend it.

Really good!

I got in in the mail pretty quick after ordering it, so that's great! Out of the box, after wiping off the excess lube, the turning iis buttery-smooth, and is equal among all layers! I have only solved it once so far, and it was an enjoyable experience; much better than the MF8 petaminx!!! I was really happy that the puzzle came with extra stickers, and the box looks amazing. To conclude, the Shengshou Petaminx is an incredible puzzle with great turning! I hope that a stickerless variant of the puzzle could be made as well! I recommend this puzzle to anyone who has some dough to spend and who likes to solve long and tedious puzzles :)

E.J.R. (United States)
Shoud have a stickerless version but overall works

This cube works and it is good but why isn't there a stickerless option! I don't want to sticker this thing! It has way to many stickers!