The Yoo Lube Bundle

The Yoo Lube Bundle


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DNM-37 (1cc Sampler) - 1cc

DNM-37 (1cc Sampler)

$299 $299

Cubicle Labs Mystic (1cc Sampler) - 1cc

Cubicle Labs Mystic (1cc Sampler)

$299 $299

Cubicle Silicone Lube - Weight 5 (2cc Sampler) - 2cc

Cubicle Silicone Lube - Weight 5 (2cc Sampler)

$299 $299

Angstrom Dignitas (2cc Sampler) - 2cc

Angstrom Dignitas (2cc Sampler)

$349 $349

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Curious about how the Yoo cubes are so smooth? The Yoo Lube Bundle is the secret. Combine Weight 5 and Dignitas on your cube’s pieces for a great baseline for control. Then, add Mystic and DNM-37 to speed up and smooth out the feel.

This bundle is perfect for maintaining a Yoo cube you already own or lubing your other cubes in case you’re curious about the special Yoo feel.

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Manufacturer: Multiple
Type: Lube Bundle
Gross Weight: 0g
Added: 2022-06-16

Customer Reviews

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H. (Canada)
Yoo Lube Set

I got this in the mail today to try out on my weilong wrm 2021. I wanted to replicate the yoo feel. I followed along with thecubicle's youtube vid on how to lube a yoo cube. The results were very surprising. It turned my cube into the best cube I've ever felt. Stable and controllable, yet fast and smooth/buttery. Be careful of how much weight 5 you apply to the pieces as you don't wanna overlube. Overall, this was an awesome deal!

Xayvion P. (United States)

these were my first lubes i ever bought and they are great! you get a good taste of everything.

Peyton M. (United States)

Great lube set