Valk 3 Elite M 3x3

QiYi MoFangGe

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Stickerless (Bright)

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Product Description

The Valk 3 Elite M is the long-awaited flagship from the famous Valk line by QiYi MoFangGe. Light and fast with a smooth, comfortable feel, the Valk 3 Elite M is favored by many cubers who enjoy fast turning with a uniform, consistent magnetic feel. 

The Valk Elite M comes with clear nuts (standard strength) and clear magnets in the center caps (standard strength). 

This cube features a brand new magnetic system with three different levels of strength. The moderate and strong versions feature a "twin-magnetic" scheme and use "center-edge" plus "corner-edge" magnetism for positioning. Additionally, QiYi introduced its own version of an elasticity adjustment system that also conveniently reduces spring noise. 

 Comes with:

  • Valk 3 Elite M
  • Cube box
  • Two additional spring sets (red = strong;  green = weak)
  • Two additional center cap sets (red = strong; green = none) 
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Extra logos
  • Cleaning cloth 


AKA: Valk3 Elite M, Valk 3 Elite, Valk3Elitem, Valk Elite, Elite M, Elite, Valk3Elite

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer QiYi MoFangGe
Type 3x3
Added 2019-12-04
Gross Weight 272g
Dimensions 55.5mm3
Magnets Magnetic
Item Weight 76.0g

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Isacc A. (United States)

Valk 3 Elite M 3x3

Anonymous (Greece)
Valk 3 Elite M

The turning of this cube is excellent and really really smooth and quiet (it is the quietest cube in my collection). Out of the box the cube is lubed really well from the factory and this is what makes this cube that good. The center caps magnets help with stability and there are extra in the accessories box with stronger and without magnets. The adjustment system is not good and it's really hard to use it because you need to swap the springs. The cube's turning is really nice but the corner cut is a little bit tough but that's because the cube is tight out of the box so it can be fixed with loosening the cube. Overall, it's a great cube and I really enjoy doing solves with it but for 45$ it is a bit too expensive and I think you can get something more customizable like the gan 11 m pro or the gan 11 m duo which perfom the same and they have corner to core magnets which help with stability a lot more than the center caps magnets of the valk 3 elite.
Thanks to the cubicle for the cube.

Jihyun C. (United States)

Smooth and great corner cutting

Danny A. (United States)
Valk 3 Elite M

This cube is nice at first but after a few months it gets worse and worse

Livian S. (Guam)
Amazing cube

The cube is the best Valk 3x3. The Valk 3 is way too loud and crunchy, while the Valk Power is obviously very slow and sluggish. The Valk Elite is perfect for me, because my previous main, the TengYun V2, has a stability issue. I would only recommend the Valk Elite on two different center cap settings, the clear and the strong. The green center caps just defeat the purpose of the extra magnets, making the cube not stable.

L.S. (Guam)
My main cube, really good

I personally think that cubes with more than 48 magnets in them (maglev cubes, cubes that have core magnets, and cube with 96 magnets like this cube). The cube is so stable due to the center cap magnets and is decently quiet. The Tornado v2 says it is an updated version of this, but it was too small for me and it has a corner cutting issue. I just loosened the screw by a half turn and it can corner cut.

Y.A. (United States)
Unimpressive at best

Perhaps the value of this cube in 2019 was something, but for $45 this cube has probably aged worse than any other flagship without having a direct successor.

First impressions are everything, and the build quality is quite a weak point in the cube. Production tolerances on the caps aren't great, the corners feel and appear to protrude farther out from the cube than the edges and center, even after the caps were pressed back in after a few solves; it's also a bit ironic that the center caps are seemingly more difficult to remove than the caps on the corners. Finally QiYi factory lube in my opinion must be wiped out, otherwise the cube becomes irreversibly sluggish.
After that, Lubicle-1 usually does the trick.

In terms of customization, the different strength magnets contained in each center cap, plus 12 additional springs for different spring strength is very inefficient compared with a cube like the GAN XS which came out in the same year. Moreover the "twin magnetic positioning system" I found does very little if not nothing at all to improve performance over traditional magnet setup. The springs are also just a basic spring swap, and the fact that I have 12 other spring sets laying around I think is a waste of plastic compared to a spring compression system; at least I could use these springs in my broken TengYun since the plastic housing also acts as a screw standoff, as well a substitute for the Tornado V2's tensioning system: The extra center caps however have no purpose besides one extra logoless white one for blindfolded.

The feel is nothing special, it's sort of a cross between a Valk Power and a TengYun V1, soft but clicky, practically opposite to the Valk3 in terms of harsh-feeling. The performance of the cube however really disappoints: regular corner cuts are not fluid and can lock up even on tighter tensions, and reverse corner cutting is rather jarring as well. Sometimes if I'm doing a V-Perm midway through my alg, the cube will just do a D2 and U' for no reason, and more often than not I undershoot D moves on E=Perms even on the weak springs.

The setup I have the cube on is just your basic Angstrom setup but with 50K on the core, I'd imagine this cube would be somewhat better with a Mystic or Celeritas setup, but even still, as I mentioned at the beginning of my review, the cube is extremely sensitive to the lube you use, even Lubicle-1. It seems the factory lube must have done something to the plastic which made it highly resistant to most lube in general, and even on the lighter springs the cube is still incredibly sluggish.

All in all, there's no question the original Valk 3 is still the best Valk 3x3, however there were a lot of cubes from this year that I think are straight-up better, such as the Gan XS, and WeiLong WR M, and in my view more current flagships such as the Gan 11/12 and WR M 2021 leave this cube in the dust (even the RS3M 2020/2021 is better in my opinion). In its current state, with the pace at which the Valk line is being discontinued, even a $30 clearance price would be generous.

John V. (United States)
New main!

Out of the box the Valk was too tight and kept catching. After setup and lubing, this thing turned amazingly. I now have it as my main.

Pete N. (Mexico)
Great cube!

It is smooth and light. I have made some great times with this cube. The only feedback is that it was over lubricated, perhaps. Very solid cube!

Žiga M. (Slovenia)

Valk 3 Elite M 3x3