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YuXin HuangLong 7x7 YuXin HuangLong 7x7 YuXin HuangLong 7x7 YuXin HuangLong 7x7 YuXin HuangLong 7x7
YuXin HuangLong 7x7 YuXin HuangLong 7x7 YuXin HuangLong 7x7 YuXin HuangLong 7x7 YuXin HuangLong 7x7
YuXin HuangLong 7x7
YuXin HuangLong 7x7
YuXin HuangLong 7x7
YuXin HuangLong 7x7
YuXin HuangLong 7x7

YuXin HuangLong 7x7


  • $39.99


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This product has been discontinued indefinitely or we aren't sure when it will be back in stock.

Product Description

The YuXin HuangLong 7x7 is the latest 7x7 to hit the market, and the 2nd cube in YuXin's HuangLong big cube series. It features primary internals with colored caps on each piece, and it turns very smoothly right out of the box on all layers. The puzzle is packaged in a nice display box.

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Please note that some new cubes when being used for the first few times may experience what is termed a "pop". This is when one or more parts of a puzzle pop out without any damage actually being done to any of the pieces. This also occurs from time to time during normal usage. Pops are typically not considered a defect if the parts which come off can be reassembled by hand.

The corners on 2x2 puzzles should not be twisted as doing so may snap the piece. Damage caused by corner twisting is not considered to be a defect.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer YuXin
Type 7x7
Added 2018-09-24
Gross Weight 327g
Dimensions 69.0mm3
Item Weight 226.0g

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Pieces popping

This is not the best 7x7 in the market. The pop outs mid solves on edge pieces is frustrating. Coupled with this is the high chance of lock ups when executing high tps during edge solving.

If you are looking for a budget 7x7 for practice solves.... this is the cube for you.

Poor quality, major design flaws, cheap hardware

Buckle up, because this will be a long one. I bought this cube as a replacement for my V-Cube 7 I have had for 5 years. It was not purchased from here, however this is where I feel most will do their shopping.

Paying this much for a 7x7, I expected it to be really good. Taking it out of the package, I immediately noticed that the thing was full of grime, dust, and scratches. I have the stickerless version, and the colored caps had flashing all over them, there were gaps in the pieces, etc. I expected better build quality for the money, but it wouldn't affect performance so I figured I could live with it. Out of the box turning was very impressive, so I tried to set it up. This kick started a horrible week of discoveries.

First, tensioning the thing evenly was impossible. I took it apart and made sure every single screw was screwed the same distance into the core, but upon reassembling, some sides still felt significantly tighter than others. May I add, a few of the springs were deformed, in that pieces of the spring came out from under the screw and were visible without taking the screws out. I found out why the tensions were uneven; the springs are different sizes.
So you have to choose: uneven tensions and performance but sides that all feel the same, or even tensions and performance, but sides that feel drastically different. Also, the core arrived partially stripped: some of the screws would not screw in tighter without using excessive force, they would just turn forever. In my tensioning journey, I found out there were more surprises: the springs don't have any washers to protect them from grinding against the plastic in the center piece. With springs as badly made as these, I wasn't surprised to feel that they would constantly grind and catch against the plastic center piece as the core would turn, but since I had no sandpaper, I placed them back in and hoped for the best.

But wait, there's more. After finally figuring out the tensions, a week later some of the sides suddenly felt loose. Here we go again, take it apart, figure out what's wrong. Remember how I felt the springs were catching? It turns out, the springs were so sharp that they completely destroyed the plastic lip in the center piece that keeps them in place; it's as if it were never there. As as result, it's like not having the springs in there at all, because there's nothing keeping them compressed anymore.

For the life of me, I can't understand why Yuxin penny-pinched all over this cube. The build quality is lacking, and the hardware is extraordinarily poor. I'd gladly pay the extra 50 cents it costs them to use proper, same-sized springs, and a set of washers. I live in Europe, so no store here is big enough to sell replacement parts. I'd like to add that I've done nowhere near 100 solves on this thing, and it's already trashed. Hoping this would be a one-off thing, I bought another one, only to have it arrive with the exact same problems.

TL;DR: The cube is amazing, but only while it lasts. Hardware quality is poor, assembly is rushed and poorly finished, it is nearly impossible to set up properly, and after you do, it'll destroy itself within a week. I really wanted to love this cube, hearing all everyone had to say about it, but I cannot recommend this with everything I've said. Buy a Wuji, or pray that Yuxin gets it right with the Hays 7.

cuber j.

This cube was tight out of the box,but after loosening and lubing with silk and speedy its awesome. It has a smooth,fast and scratchy feel. This cube has caps that pop off but this has not happened to me. If you have the money to buy this then do it cuz its crazy good.

Thatcher T.
5 PBs in one day

I got this cube to replace my full size Shengshou 7.
To be fully honest I didn't have high hopes for it.
Mainly do to the fact that I have small hands for
a 7x7x7 cube, but this cube fixed it all. turning is
fantastic, lock ups don't really occur, I have had
a few pops, ( this cube is really easy to put pieces
back in if it pops.) I lube this with Cubicle wt 3 on
the outer layers and wt 1 on the inner layers and
topped it off with DNM-37 and Lubicle Speedy.

Csonka L.

It seemed better than WuJi and got some PB BUT these cube die after 60-80 solves. Mine is unusable although used a few times. -.-
I will never buy Yuxin product!!!!!


I got this cube several months ago, and even without doing anything, it is just amazing. It does kinda sort of lock up, but it usually isnt that bad, and can be fixed easily. The main issue is the caps. They fall off sometimes, which isnt a HUGE problem, and I think it did come with extra caps. However, one of my corner caps actually broke off during a solve. As I said before, it came with extra caps, but the little stem of the cap is stuck inside the hole, so I cant put a new cap in, and the old cap wont go back on. Ill probably need to just super glue it on, which probably will not work that well. The weird thing is though, that I didnt drop the cube or anything. The cap just randomly broke.

Jeremy G.
Turning is wonderful, but other problems

This thing turns splendidly, and is the same or better than the other 7x7's. However, this has a major issue. Every solve, 6 or 7 caps pop off, and it's gotten so annoying that I don't really want to solve on it anymore because the caps frustrate me. Amazing design, but the caps just suck.

Ramiro S.
Better than expected!

After not having cubed in years, I came back and this was my first cube. Needless to say, the quality is superb. I feel like 3 layers variants are far smoother, however, it is probable due to the design differences in using multiple layers. This seems expertly assembled and lubricated right out of the box. Will definitely be shopping here again.

Dylan W.

This cube is excellent for its low price but one problem if you get the sticker less pink it is very hard to determine which colors are which. Overall the mechanism is amazing and it is a great cube to get :)

West A.
ok cube

when i got this cube it arrived in pieces and i couldnt put it together so with all the good reviews i expected it to not be in pieces.

Very dissapointed YuXin