GAN 356 i Carry

GAN 356 i Carry


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Product Description

The GAN 356 i Carry is GAN’s newest magnetic smart cube. Instead of a charger, this cube is powered by replaceable coin batteries. At just $36.99, the GAN 356 i Carry is the most economical 3x3 smartcube on the market! 


Weighing 77g, this lightweight smart cube lasts for 280 hours of playtime (1 hour per day for 280 days). It has frosted plastic and beautiful pearly white internals. This model does not have a gyroscope. 


App features include but are not limited to: tutorial, training, cool statistics, practice, ranked battle, and robot connectivity. 


Compatible with the new GAN Smart Timer


Free Cube Station App compatible with iOS 9.0 (or above) and Android 4.4 (or above).


Comes with:

GAN i Carry 3x3

GAN VIP card

GAN Storage box

GAN cube bag

2 spare sets of tension nuts

2 spare sets of springs

CFOP pamphlet


If your puzzle's batteries run low, we offer replacements here!


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Product Specifications
Manufacturer GAN
Type 3x3
Added 2021-03-15
Gross Weight 204g
Dimensions 56.0mm3
Magnets Magnetic
Item Weight 77.5g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Eli F. (United States)

it does lock up a lot, and can sometimes turn off unexpectedly but you are paying 30 something dollars for a puzzle that already feels like a flagship gan cube. Plus it connects to your phone with the cube station app and cubeast.

Alex W. (United States)
Great cube, absolutely garbage tensioning system

Wow, this is the worst experience of changing springs and nuts that I can imagine. Taking the center caps off is crazy hard compared to all other cubes, and then releasing the nuts is near impossible if you have short nails or fat fingers. Hopefully you enjoy the out of the box settings, because getting the caps and nuts on and off is ridiculous. Going to wait until I see my friend with longer nails. But really what is the deal with the center caps? Putting them back in made me feel as if I was going to break the cube. I'm wondering if anyone at GAN tried to adjust their settings before sending out the design, because holy shit it is tedious. Really fun and nice cube otherwise.

Douglas B. (United States)
Above expectations.

Great cube for an incredible price. Well worth the buy.

Owen F. (United States)
Pretty good

The GAN 356 i carry is a pretty decent cube. It turns very smoothly and has very nice magnets. However, it said it has a 280 hour battery life, Which is NOT TRUE! I used it for at most 10 hours, and it won’t connect! All that it does when I turn it on is have a solid red light for 10 seconds. My advice, bite the bullet and get a rechargeable smart cube. Because this is just disappointing.

Mark B. (United States)
Pretty good cube - pretty terrible software

I've been using the Icarry for about 6 weeks now. The cube itself is very good. Because of the design, it is not as smooth and does not corner cut as well as a regular speedcube, but for a smartcube, it feels awesome. If you didn't know it was a smartcube and tried it out, you would just think it's a regular speedcube that catches from time to time.

The problem is the cubestation app, and for a smartcube, that's a pretty big problem. For the first 2 weeks I had the Icarry, I couldn't get cubestation to connect to Gan's server. On a positive note, Gan customer service is really top notch - and though it took some time, Gan was able to fix the problem (it was on their network end). The app is still incredibly glitchy - problems logging in (even with the correct password, it stills fails to login on the first attempt), random crashing, random network disconnects, and unexplained random slowdowns. When the app works, it is pretty darn cool - lots of stuff to unlock, numerous different challenges (timetrials, pvp matches, you can enter your own algs to practice, a single match "ladder" system with worldwide ranking, gifting, and other training). Gan also updates the app on a very regular basis.

The Icarry is now compatible with cubeast which is a HUGE plus, and you can bypass cubestation entirely.

Braden M. (United States)
love it

This cube turns real well, it felt dry at first but some angstrom dignitas seemed to have fixed it. It's tough to adjust the tension but it's not bad enough to throw the rating.

Stephanie G. (United States)
Its amazing

(Review left by 12 year old cuber son)This new Gan cube is WAY better than I expected to be.Its nice controllable feeling really cut on my times a little. Even though the corner cutting ain't that good, it isn't that noticeable during solves. Good job Gan

Eesa A. (United States)
Good Turning + Decent App

This cube was definitely worth it. OOTB it was a bit tight but was almost par to my Gan 356 XS. It had the same frosted feel and now after changing the nut inside to green and some break in the gap between performance has definitely decreased dramatically (although the plush feel of the XS is not even close to replicated by the i carry). The app also works quite fluently and while some parts are either a bit buggy or hard to understand the main features of the app are quite obvious to grasp. Overall I would say 9/10 to Gan and would recommend to anyone wanting this cube. If you want to see my unboxing and full review here it is: . NOTE: While I did not purchase this from the Cubicle I would have bought it from here had I not won a giveaway. And honestly their quality is always good so I don't think there is any issue that there would be a difference between my cube and one from the Cubicle.

Andrew P. (United States)
Locks up sometimes

Sometimes when I’m solving it locks up and I can’t turn the cube but over all no pops and great item

Michael L. (United States)
Great Value Smart Cube

This was my first smart cube, and second Gan 3x3. The cube turns smoothly, with good strength magnets, decent (but not great) corner cutting, and little to no lock ups. I'm surprised that Gan was the first to introduce a budget smart cube. The smart function works wells with the new Cube Station app, though the app itself could use a little polishing. The only downside as opposed to the higher priced smart cubes is thst this one has no gyroscope installed, but thst doesn't really affect my solves. I'm still exploring all the different options and features of the app all the time. I would definitely recommend this cube for anyone looking for a good smart cube, especially if you're working on a budget (or even if you're not).