Welcome to QiYi Week! From now until November 2, we’re celebrating our friendship and collaboration with famous speedcube brand QiYi (and all its wonderful sub-brands). QiYi is an overwhelmingly awesome company in the speedcubing community and we appreciate them a lot! 

Earn free gifts this week: for orders over $50, you can pick a QiYi product from this collection and add it to your order for free! 

To claim your free gift, please add your preferred gift to your qualifying cart. Order totals are calculated after discounts and before shipping and taxes. Be sure to contact us if you’d like any assistance!

Cool content this week

  • Wednesday, 3pm ET: Livestream and giveaway on Twitch 
  • Wednesday: Everyone Solves YouTube Video on the QiYi MP 3x3 M 
  • Friday, 3pm ET: Livestream and giveaway on Twitch 
  • Monday, 3pm ET: Livestream and giveaway on Twitch 
  • Week of October 26: video interview with Jim Zhang, QiYi/XMD designer


    Type: 2x2 ×
    X-Man Flare 2x2 M

    X-Man Flare 2x2 M

    $1299 $1699 Save $4

    Valk 2 LM

    Valk 2 LM

    $1699 $1999 Save $3

    QiYi QiDi W 2x2 - Black

    QiYi QiDi W 2x2

    $299 $399 Save $1

    QiYi 2-5 Gift Box

    QiYi 2-5 Gift Box

    $2299 $2499 Save $2

    Z Carbon Fiber 2x2

    Z Carbon Fiber 2x2

    $499 $599 Save $1

    DianSheng 2x2 M - Stickerless (Bright)

    DianSheng 2x2 M

    $699 $799 Save $1