SpeedStacks Pro Cube Timer Bundle G5

SpeedStacks Pro Cube Timer Bundle G5


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The SpeedStacks Pro Cube Timer Bundle G5 contains the StackMat Pro Timer Gen5, the SpeedStacks Gen5 Cubing Mat, and the SpeedStacks Gear Bag. This is a perfect starter kit for you or the cuber in your life!

Customer Reviews

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Alec.A (United States)

It was good at the start a good price for a timer mat and bag but after like a month of using the timer it just stopped working i tried new batteries everything I could think of and nothing I just wasted money on a timer that doesn’t work. Dumb

Anonymous (United States)

nothing to say

Isaac L. (United States)
It's great

I got this bundle as a gift for Christmas. The stackmat itself is great, I like how you have to hold the reset button for half a second to reset in order to prevent accidental resets. The mat is nice, and it doesn't slip around. I just wish it was a little thicker. The bag is nice as well, it fits both the mat and stackmat, and still gives some space for a few puzzles as well.

Mason (United States)
Great timer

The timer is good, but if you already have a gen 4, stay with that, but I didn’t so I got this. The bag is pretty cool, and the mat fits well on a normal sized desk. I would recommend this over the bundle, because the other bundle seems to have a bigger mate

AK (United Kingdom)
G5 Timer

Great timer had no problems so far

kahlan b. (United States)

Timer and mat work perfectly and the bag is perfect for transporting your gear!