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HuaMeng YS3M 3x3 Ball-Core UV coated (Magnetic Core + MagLev) - Stickerless (Bright) HuaMeng YS3M 3x3 Ball-Core UV (Magnetic Core + MagLev)
HuaMeng YS3M 3x3 Ball-Core UV coated (Magnetic Core + MagLev) - Stickerless (Bright)
HuaMeng YS3M 3x3 Ball-Core UV (Magnetic Core + MagLev)
HuaMeng YS3M 3x3 Ball-Core UV coated (Magnetic Core + MagLev) - Stickerless (Bright)
HuaMeng YS3M 3x3 Ball-Core UV (Magnetic Core + MagLev)

HuaMeng YS3M 3x3 Ball-Core UV (Magnetic Core + MagLev)


  • $36.99 USD


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Product Description

The MoYu HuaMeng YS3M is the latest flagship 3x3 release from the famous cube company. This puzzle features fantastic corner cutting, adjustable tensions/compressions, and a dragon scale pattern to reduce sticking, and is designed/endorsed by the 3x3 world record single holder YuSheng Du.

This is the Ball-Core UV (Magnetic Core + MagLev) version with corner/core magnetization, 25 degrees of magnetic turn correction (auto-homing ability), and represents the pinnacle of MoYu 3x3 design. 

This one also has a UV coating or "Magic Clothes" as MoYu puts it. This gives the outer layer of the puzzle a glossy finish which helps with grip and can aid in recognition.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer HuaMeng
Type 3x3
Added 2023-03-13
Gross Weight 225g
Dimensions 55.0mm3
Magnets Magnetic
Item Weight 83.0g

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Chespin F. (Canada)
moyu literally wasting plastic smh

let me get the obvious out of the way first.

fantastic cube. a solid, clean, and swift feel that does well on minimal amounts of thin lube. normally i hate maglev but this does well tbh (but i'll still replace it with springs.) as someone that came from the tornado v3 flagship and pioneer, i can describe the tornado as requiring a certain turning style, whereas the ys3m can turn how you want it to turn. i've done at least a thousand solves on this and can confidently say this will be my main for years to come

so why the four stars? this is where my message to moyu comes in:

moyu can you make the tension-checking tool actually fit the ball-core stuff you're making? you're literally packing the tension-checking tool made to be spider-core compatible with a cube that doesn't have a spider-core to begin with.

moyu its a ball-core.


Orion C. (United States)
New main. For sure.

Normal reviews are kinda lame, so here's a 4chan-style greentext review.
>be me
>using an old Valk and a Tengyun interchangeably
>love the cubes but get a bit bored of them
>sees a new moyu release come out
>it has uv coating
>immediately buys
>wait an agonizing 3 days (I have no patience)
>receives the cube
>drier than the desert
>incredibly stable and fast, feels premium
>am very happy
>new main
>new moyu release comes out again with the v9
>moyu needs to chill
>horse walks in

Anonymous (United States)
one of the best

This cube is an instant main
It is very good
UV coating is very similar to GAN's
Slightly crispy, you will like it!

Andy P. (United States)
This cube is the holy grail

I bought the YS3M BC when it first released and was instantly impressed. It's been my main cube since – I thoroughly enjoy solving on it. My biggest gripe was the matte surface. Personally I love a finish between matte and gloss (more like the RS3M Super). When the Magic Clothes version dropped, I instantly pre-ordered. It's an amazing cube. The gloss provides a lot of grip. It spins great, 5/5 cube. YJ MoYu Huameng has set the record for a benchmark cube in 2023.

J.S. (United States)
Out of the box not as smooth as non-UV version

I preordered this cube so it arrived today. I also got the non-UV ball core version when it came out a few weeks ago and that cube is 5/5. The non-UV was a little scratchy turning, but turns were very smooth, probably best turning cube I've had out of the box, and after several solves only felt better. This UV version is even scratchier, seems a bit looser, and turns keep getting stuck - not as smooth turning as the non-UV out of the box! The UV surface does provide a tackier grip, as expected, but otherwise not as impressed with this UV cube as I was with the non-UV, so only 4/5 for out of the box. I'm going to lube this UV cube and try adjusting settings to see if I can get it where I'd prefer it over the non-UV.

E. (United States)
Great Cube - UV different than GAN UV

This cube feels great. To me, it feels like a combination of the RS3M and the Valk while turning. The magnets feel stronger than the RS3M which is nice. It feels great to turn. Sandy out of the box, but fast - I would definitely lube it up. The UV coating feels different than the GAN UV coating. The YS3M coating feels more slippery, like when you have lube on the outside of the cube (but doesn't feel wet). It's not a bad thing - I still love this cube and it's a pleasure to turn - it's just different than the GAN UV coating.

K.T. (United States)
Amazing cube

So good you should get it if you’re not a fan of UV coating you should get the magic clothes version, but if you don’t prefer UV coating get the ball core one witch is $10 cheaper

J.F. (United States)
core magnet

after months of daily use the magnet on the corner stalk fell out where it meets the ball core. seems like it's pressed fit or there wasn't enough glue and once one fell out they started to collect on one corner piece until it deformed the cube significantly where it couldn't perform. pushing the magnets back in the slot doesn't last long and it repeats same issue. The turning and performance of the cube is top notch when it works. I think if some one was to get this they should just get the non ball core version and non magic clothes version. ball core version just seems like it has a planned obsolescence engineering problem.

Thanks for your review! This is the first we have heard of this problem, and I have been using a YS3 Ball Core for several months with no issues. If you reply with your order number and a picture of the problematic piece, we'll see what we can do.

-Greg S

Tej A. (United States)
I love it

Used it in comp recently and finally broke top 1000 in the world and 13 in Texas. It’s great an it’s perfect for anyone. YouTube video placeholder
Anonymous (Vietnam)
Awesome performance for price

Just a few weeks ago I got the YS3M Maglev UV, opening the box felt reminiscent of the flagship GAN's, it was rlly dry and sandy, but expected form a Moyu cube. Setting it to compression 2 and adding DNM-37, Mystic along with some Weight-3 made it very buttery, smooth and gives a tad of controllability. The adjustability is kinda old but it is really simple(Unlike the GAN 11 which I died setting up) plus out of the box the axis distance was practically perfect, over 45 degrees corner cutting, rn it's my current main and I don't feel like Im gonna switch to the WRM v9 or GAN 13 anytime soon. Overall, if you're wanting a no-nonsense 3x3 with great price for performance, check the non-UV version out, if you like the grippiness and the shine(like me), get the UV coated variant.